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They chat silently

For every special kids and their teacher all over the world

Me, myself won’t speak slowly … Such a rapid n almost-scream things runs in my DNA..
’till yesterday …

I never thought … Our trip (is it really a trip?!! Not really ) to “special school”,  as we call it here, would punch me down …

They speak… But they are silent
So much laughter …still silent ..
They laugh … Quietly

They are so happy ….. You just can see it through their eyes
No lies …. Nothing … Just happiness

They run …. But they still there ..
The wheels are there ā€¦.
But yeah..
Who needs wheelchair when you could go everywhere … In your mind

Beyond the skies…. Beyond the oceans ..
No wheels are needed….
They are there…

Smiling over their dreams…

We need light …
But they don’t ….
They see deeper in the dark ….
They know us better than we know them…

You are special ….
Just the way you are

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