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A Dad’s Guide to Picky Eaters

C’mon dads… now it’s your turn …

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Wonder why some restaurants adopt a no-child dining policy? Some reasons cited are that the little ones play with food and make a mess at the table.

More substantially, fussy eaters may throw tantrums and even run about at meal places. Besides endangering themselves, this causes disturbance to the other patrons as well as stress to embarrassed parents.

Causes for Concern

Picky Eaters Infographic By Abbott n NUHBut being banned at restaurants is the least of parents’ problems; picky eaters run the risk of nutritional deficiencies, with repercussions on their growth and cognitive development.

Poor eating habits developed in childhood may carry through into adult life. Over time, this may impact growth and development. This may even contribute to increased risk for the development of chronic lifestyle diseases such as diabetes and heart disease, says Associate Professor Daniel Goh, Head of the Department of Paediatrics at NUH.

Kids with a preference for sweet or fatty foods…

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